Mageia LTS (Long Time Support) survey

A survey into the desirability and feasability of a commercial Long Time Support offering for Mageia.

Over the years several enquiries into the plans for a Long Time Support version for Mageia have come by. Long Time Support is a version of Mageia that is supported with updates after the 18 month support period that is provided for regular Mageia releases by the Mageia project.

As Mageia is largely created and supported by a volunteer organisation, such enquiries are usually answered with "not unless the amount of contributors grows substantially". At Fristoletta we believe that while such organic growth is desirable, it might not be realistic to expect it to be substantial enough to provide LTS support any time soon. As a LTS version has been requested repeatedly and that the absence of it might lead some to choose another distribution over Mageia, we want to assess how much demand there is for LTS, how strong that demand is, and if it would be sustainable to offer LTS as a commercial service.

Your input is highly valued to assess the desirability and feasability of such an offering! Please participate by taking a few minutes of your time to fill out this survey.

There are 13 questions in this survey.